"Wheelchair Seating and 24-hour Posture Management is our specialty. Providing solutions and resources you need in support of your independence. From initial contact, to liaison, to final fit, with on-going support and on-going reviews to suit you, we’ve got you covered."

Robust Process

Since the conception of Wheel of Health Limited in 2005 the business has evolved as a committed reputable company with extensive experience and a proven track record of working with adults and children who have complex and challenging needs.

Today our Clinical Director Lucy Weech continues to drive forward original philosophies alongside an experienced team of consultants. Wheel of Health offers a unique multi-professional approach that offers you flexibility and solutions to meet the most challenging of needs.

We pride ourselves as a personable company who put our clients first and ensure that the service we provide is efficient and meets individual need.

Your Journey

#1 Enquiry

From point of enquiry for services, you'll find our clinical director will assess your case on an individual basis.

#2 Preparation

Following successful enquiry our clinical director will liaise with you, any commissioner or case manager you may haveand will send you our standard terms and conditions and seating assessment process.

Upon agreement we will allocate on of our consultants to continue the assessment and prescription process.

#3 Assessment

Your consultant will undertake a thorough assessment of you case and arrange an initial assessment with you.

#4 Identification

Following your initial assessment, your consultant will provide you and your commissioner or case manager with a detailed report of your seating and postural needs. Our report will offer products our associate deems suitable for your needs.

Following instruction from you and your commissioner or case manager we will arrange the relevant product trial/s with you.

#5 Prescription

Your consultant will agree your final specification alongside our equipment suppliers with you. This will be drawn up into a document to enable you and your commissioner or case manager to agree costings whereby your final fit can be made.

Any relevant training for you or your carers will be provided.

#6 Review

We pride ourself on our review process, so will agree and establish a review plan to suit you. Your consultant will continue to work with you and your commissioner or case manager as you and your needs grow.

"If you have any questions on our assessment and how we might help you, get in touch.

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