Collaborative Working

National Association of Occupational Therapy Specialists

Wheel of Health alongside four specialist companies have joined alliance and formed the National Association of Occupational Therapy Specialists.

Bringing together entrepreneurial business owning specialist Occupational Therapists, their mission, through joint collaboration, will enable individuals and clients to become whole through combining specialist occupational therapy interventions from birth to end of life.

Krysalis Consultancy

Krysalis was established in 2006 to provide neurological occupational therapy rehabilitation services to adults and children. In the early days, Krysalis consisted of two Occupational Therapists both of whom shared a joint passion for neurological rehabilitation and a commitment to make a difference to the lives of those affected by brain injury.

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Childrens Therapy Solutions

Children’s Therapy Solutions was established in 2007 as a private community Occupational Therapy Team, operating across the UK. We work sensitively, compassionately and productively with children from birth to 24 years.

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Design for Independence

Design for Independence have many years of experience working as housing Occupational Therapists for both the private and public sector. They specialise in the inclusive design of domestic and residential buildings, aiming to provide aesthetic solutions for people who are less able.

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South Coast Fatigue

Fran Hill (Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist) established South Coast Fatigue in 2009 and the practice remains one of only a small number of independent providers of specialist fatigue management services in the UK.

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