Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our professionals.

    Whats happening?

  • Please be reassured that we are doing all we can during this unprecedented pandemic. We continue to monitor Government and Public Health England and regularly update our Associates and staff. Details of our advice is available here

    Why us?

  • The Wheel of Health team of specialist Occupational and Physiotherapists have gained significant experience culminating in a combined 150 years’ experience of working within this specialism and the company strongly believe that the assessment of and provision for clients with complex wheelchair seating needs and postural analysis is critical to successful ongoing rehabilitative progress; as such this will influence the longer-term prognosis for clients. Typically, Wheel of Health sees clients nationwide who have complex needs including those with brain injuries (both acquired and at birth), spinal cord injury, other catastrophic injury and other complex conditions and neurological conditions.
  • Why might I need the input of Wheel of Health Limited for one of my clients?

  • A. Wheel of Health is uniquely placed to carry out a detailed postural analysis for your client and then to problem solve to the findings. Its team of specialists are highly skilled and experienced within this specialism when appointed and carry on being mentored and supervised so that their skill set continues to improve and progress. As an organisation we are committed to the long term; posture is never static but rather continues to evolve over time and is dependent on many factors including the nature of the client’s diagnosis and also on their rehabilitation and progress. We seek to be forward looking so that equipment recommended and trialled is equipment which has a degree of ‘future proofing’ if at all possible. Wheel of Health has, historically, only worked with clients with complex needs so has gained, over the years, a specialism in the needs of the clients that fall into that category. So, we are experienced in working with clients and their advocates where clients present with challenging behavioural issues as well as challenging physical issues. We understand how and why a client has ended up presenting in the way that they have and have developed skills to address that.

    Our difference

  • A. Wheel of Health started out in 2005 (initially under another name) and clinicians who work with us have extensive experience with working with clients with specialist needs over a long period of time. We obviously have clinicians who like to work with us as we have members on our team who have been with us for many of those years! We meet for teaching and learning on a regular basis and have an organisational structure that ensures that everyone within the team has access to a mentor/ supervisor. So, all decisions are discussed prior to the consideration of their implementation to ensure that we eliminate as many ‘gremlins’ as we can at an early stage. Additionally, we work with a team of approved equipment supply partners who are selected with care and formally commit to us, so we have confidence that they also have a high level of skill and understanding of the complex clients that we typically have referred to us.

    If all of the above is true doesn’t that make Wheel of Health much more expensive?

  • We pride ourselves on being absolutely transparent about what our charges are and how those charges are implemented. At the point of referral, you will be given costings for an initial assessment and initial reporting on findings and recommendations. Thereafter you will always be supplied with on-going ‘input estimate’ costings so that forward budgeting can be realistically facilitated. A phone call or email to Wheel of Health headquarters is all you need to do to kick start this process. And we are always happy to have informal discussions with a potential referrer as to whether their client is one that we feel that we could usefully help and support through this process.

    How can I find out more about you?

  • Our web site is a useful source of further information and we have several information documents that you can access through that route. Additionally, when you first contact us we send you a package of relevant information which includes:
    • The Wheel of Health seating assessment and postural analysis process.
    • Wheel of Health terms of business/ Fees and charges.
    • A SAMPLE Wheel of Health contract.
  • We are also always very pleased to have informal discussions with you via email or on the phone. (contact details on the web site). And if you would like to meet us face to face, we can facilitate members of our Senior Management Team and also the clinician(s) who is/ are geographically responsible for the areas that you cover, to come out to your work premises to present to you you’re your relevant colleagues regarding what we do, how we do it and also to present some case studies for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange this.

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