Our Story

Since the conception of Wheel of Health Limited in 2005 the business has evolved as a committed reputable company with extensive experience and a proven track record of working with adults and children who have complex and challenging needs.

Today our Clinical Director Lucy Weech continues to drive forward original philosophies alongside an experienced team of consultants. Wheel of Health offers a unique multi-professional approach that offers you flexibility and solutions to meet the most challenging of needs.

We pride ourselves as a personable company who put our clients first and ensure that the service we provide is efficient and meets individual need.

Wheelchair Seating and 24-hr Posture Management is our specialty. Providing solutions and resources you need in support of your independence. From initial contact, to liaison, to final fit, with on-going support and on-going reviews to suit you, we’ve got you covered.

Our team prides itself on a multi-disciplinary approach to your needs. We have the specialist skills to meet the needs of the most complex presentations that require wheelchair and 24-hr postural management solutions. To this end we only use our trusted equipment supply partners who have the technical capability and skill set to help us meet the needs of all of our clients.

Our Services

We have a team of 14 highly skilled and competent occupational and physiotherapists (plus support staff). Each have significant post-graduate experience and training in the fields of wheelchair seating / posture management, associated specialist equipment and additional areas, such as moving & handling and the interface with wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Since inauguration in 2005, our client base has continued to grow as a result of our long term commitment to ongoing review. Posture management needs are never static and continue to progress irrespective of the clinical presentation or prognosis.

Our Team

Lucy Weech, Wheel of Health Clinical Director

Lucy Weech
Clinical Director

Simon Weech, Wheel of Health Director

Simon Weech
Company Director

Rachel Wilson, Senior Clinical Associate | Team Leader Wheel of Health

Rachel Wilson
Senior Clinical Associate
Team Leader

Senior Clinical Associate | Team Leader Wheel of Health

Clare Ashton
Senior Clinical Associate
Team Leader

Julian Throssell, Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Julian Throssell
Senior ClinicalAssociate

Emma Wakeling Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Emma Wakeling
Senior Clinical Associate

Margaret McEvoy, Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Margaret McEvoy
Senior Clinical Associate

Amanda Hopkin, Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Amanda Hopkin
Senior Clinical Associate

Louise Lloyd, Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Louise Lloyd
Senior Clinical Associate

Lisa Alexander, Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Lisa Alexander
Senior Clinical Associate

Deborah Bowditch, Senior Clinical Associate Wheel of Health

Deborah Bowditch
Senior Clinical Associate

Stuart Archer, Associate Wheel of Health

Stuart Archer

Shelley Matthews, Associate Wheel of Health

Shelley Matthews

Tania Carrigan, Associate Wheel of Health

Tania Carrigan

Amanda Jackson, Associate Wheel of Health

Amanda Jackson

Tess Ellis, Associate Wheel of Health

Tess Ellis

Christine Muller, Associate Wheel of Health

Christine Muller

Rani Govindasami, Associate Wheel of Health

Rani Govindasami

Join Our Team

Working for Wheel of Health will give you the opportunity to test your skills to find both innovative and creative solutions that meet the needs of clients with complex and profound disability. You will learn to carry out advanced postural assessments alongside a supportive team for wheelchair users with complex clinical needs, ensuring timely and clinically appropriate solutions. You will need to communicate efficiently with equipment partners, case managers and budget holders to carry out product trials resulting in a detailed specification, before ensuring a smooth set up and handover of your prescribed solution.

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